What is wrong with my site?

When considering where a website falls in the range of “Great” all the way down to “EEK!” we all have an internal feel. Maybe we cannot exactly put it into words, but we know what we like. Perhaps you have recently looked at your business website and thought, “My website isn’t all it should be but I can’t put my finger on why.” Or, more bluntly, your may have said “Our website stinks but I don’t know exactly how it stinks so I can’t fix it!”

We can tell you exactly.

Small Biz Media has years of design experience and we are used to putting into words (and numbers) the why, where, and how of web design flaws. In fact, we have developed a proprietary method and formula for that precise task.

We call the result of our efforts the Spark Score. We chose the word “spark” for a specific reason. A website, particularly one for small business, should spur a positive outcome from the visitor. That might be to purchase an item, sign up for a newsletter, read about your sale, etc. In other words, it should spark them to action.

But, how do you do that?

To arrive at the Spark Score for a website we examine 5 fundamental characteristics that include almost 30 separate attributes and assign a weighted measure to them all. These characteristics are Design, Content, Functionality, Navigation, and Usability. The process provides us with a series of individual numbers as well as a total score for the website. We then have a very good idea of what should be done, why it should be done, and how to correct it.

That sounds useful. Tell me how I can use it.

The Spark Score has already been used to evaluate over 400 websites for small businesses in our area and we can score yours as well. Small Biz Media will thoroughly examine your website, prepare a custom report, and send it you. Armed with specifics, you can then confidently make the appropriate edits to your website yourself. Or, if you decide to become a Small Biz Media client after viewing the report and allow us to redesign your website, the cost will be subtracted from the redesign.

Do you want to know your Spark Score? Contact us with any questions, or pay now with the easy one click tool below and we’ll get started!
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