How much does Small Biz Media charge for web design?

That is an important question, but not the one you should be asking.

In terms of the Internet marketing strategy for your small business, your website is the focal point and cornerstone. It will not do you much good to have a great email campaign if the visitors click-through to a lousy website. Your website is where you want to funnel all customers because this is where you tell about your products, logo, services, hours of operation, values, what makes your company special, history, geographical location, and much more. All these elements taken together represent your brand. The folks over at have a great infographic  discussing how most brands fall into one of twelve character types.

Branding, at a high level, is the continuing process of telling customers

  • Who your company is
  • Why your company exists
  • How your company will deliver value
  • … and backing it all up with action

For example as an accounting firm, your brand might be centered on security. Security, as in meticulous attention to every detail of your client’s books. Security, as in representing your client in front of the IRS. If this is your branding strategy, your website and other marketing efforts will highlight and focus on this trait. Because of this coordinated effort, you might be dominating your competition. Why? Because you are not just another CPA firm offering services. Your firm makes clients feel secure. That’s different, that’s branding.


You are not the exception

At the heart of the matter, branding tells everyone why they should do business with you and not your competition. When it comes down to it, your products and services probably are not unique. We can order a pizza, get our oil changed, have our teeth cleaned, get a heat pump installed, or any one of hundreds of other services at lots of different places.

Branding works no matter what products and services your offer. It works because in the end, customers part with their money happily and give you repeat business when they get value. Not products. Not services. Not discounts. Value.

In our example above, the accounting firm used branding to create value in the form of security. Of course, they backed up what they said with action. They could tell about how many clients they had successfully represented in front of the IRS, or how many clients had zero errors on reports and government forms because of their detail-oriented work.

When you figure out who your company is, why it exists, and how it delivers value to its customers, you are on track for successful branding and creating customer loyalty.


Incorporating brand into marketing

What are you doing now in terms of Internet marketing? See how many of these you answer “Yes”.

  • Do you have professional website centered on your brand?
  • Are you conducting branded email campaigns that tie back to your website?
  • Can you say that your local business listings are up to date and emphasizing the correct elements of your brand?
  • Are you protecting your brand by monitoring and managing the online reviews of your business?
  • Is there a genuine strategy at your business to coordinate all these efforts to produce the best possible result?

How did you do? Not so well? If you answered “Yes” to one or zero of the above questions, you have a lot of company in the small business community. Having a lot of company does not mean that is okay though. You need to ramp up from the start. The good news is this… because you have a lot of company; the opportunity is there to dominate your competition.

If you answered “Yes” to two or three of the above questions, you have probably put at least some thought into branding. However, it is unlikely that you have a “vision” to pull it all together. Take heart, you are on the right track. We can help get you to where you want to be.

If you answered “Yes” to four or all five of the above questions, you more than likely are already doing business with Small Biz Media and are well on the road to executing the plan we partnered on in the past.


How much does Small Biz Media charge to help me develop a branded marketing strategy?

That is the right question to ask. It is also very different from the original question at the top of this page.

Say you are a small business owner who has decided it is time for a website redesign. What is the result you want when the project is finished? Do you simply want a “better looking” website? Or, do you want a professional website that is the linchpin in an overall Internet marketing plan centered on your brand?

If you spend some time getting quotes, we believe you will find the difference in cost is insignificant based on what we deliver versus someone that tossed up some HTML and walked away. When compared to the value your small business will receive, there really is no comparison to be done.