Build it and they will come

No, they won’t.

You may have already found out that simply having a website doesn’t mean that searchers can find you. Small Biz Media helps their clients get found on the Internet by performing several tasks to get their websites ranked better on the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Getting the best ranking possible means more chances for potential customers to find your website. Climbing the rankings requires specific work devoted to search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is all about making a web page relevant to Google. The higher your relevancy score, the better your web page will rank. There are equal parts science and art to high quality SEO. You of course want to please the search engines, but making sure it’s done in a way that also pleases the people viewing your page is just as important.

SEO (and your website) changes constantly. There have been dozens of major changes to the Google algorithm since the beginning of 2012. You can’t “do” SEO as a one-time project and say you are done. SEO requires nimble upkeep on a continuous basis. Small Biz Media can provide that service to your small business.

Some examples of the work we will do for you:

  • Create and manage your XML Sitemaps and submit them to the search engines
  • Deliver closer integration between your website and your social media accounts
  • Make edits to some of your website files to fine-tune SEO for your site by ensuring the web bots that crawl and index your site do so efficiently
  • Monitor SEO efforts and make appropriate changes
  • Make sure the copy on the website is taking advantage of SEO best practices
    • Ensure SEO friendly content
    • Review visual media to ensure positive user experience
    • Increase outbound links to authority sites
    • Analyze page load times
    • … more

If you are not satisfied with the search engine rankings of your website, contact Small Biz Media today to get a customized plan together so those potential customers can find your website! We offer several Internet marketing services for small businesses located in Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee.