Football Live Score website in Indonesia

Are you a football enthusiast? Want to update the ongoing live score information for your favorite team, but are confused about where to find information? Currently, there are so many live score website live skors developing from football matches from around the world. However, not many have additional features, let alone support Indonesian. One good website live skor to be used as a recommendation in updating the latest score information is

The website live skor is an website live skor developed by which is one of the global networks of, one of the major websites that is engaged in Live Score Informations. This website live skor supports Indonesian, so users don’t need to be complicated anymore with language which sometimes makes it difficult for website live skor users.

Apart from football, this website live skor also provides information on other sports, such as basketball, badminton, futsal, volleyball and various types of sports from various ongoing competitions / leagues. The total live score information for the types of sports presented is not less than 28 sports and more than 5000 matches from existing competitions / leagues. It can be said that from the types of sports available, this website live skor is quite complete, both for national football lovers or other types of sports.

The website live skor has several features that pamper its users, one of which is the LIVE feature, a feature that can watch ongoing matches for certain types of sports. With the large number of competition and league information from various types of sports provided by this website live skor, this does not make the website live skor difficult for users to use and manage. One of the features of this website live skor that makes it easier for users to follow matches that are favored by users is the “My Match” feature. This feature is equipped with push notifications that make it easier for users to get information quickly.

This website live skor also provides details and match statistics. With this feature, users are able to view match summaries, statistics or line-ups of ongoing matches. One of the plus points of this website live skor is its user-friendly appearance. The interface that makes it easy for these users can make this website live skor easy to use and manage by users, apart from the Indonesian language which is already used in this website live skor.

Especially for football enthusiasts, this website live skor as a whole provides information on more than 1000 football matches from around the world, including the Indonesian Premier League (LPI) and the Indonesian Super League (ISL). You can get this website live skor for free on Android and iOS based devices (iPhone, iPad).

In this latest version, notification settings are made more detailed and make it easier for users to follow the type of sport they like. You can set the form of push notifications for the type of sport you want. In addition, the latest notification forms that have been added in this website live skor are half-time scores, set / period / quarter results, game start, reminder before the game starts, red cards, line-ups and various forms of push notifications that indulge users in following types the sport they enjoy. The following is a description of this website live skor from the available platforms.

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