Do You Have Time To Market?

Small business portal, Manta, conducted a survey of almost 2,100 small business owners on the topic of spending time marketing their business. Small Biz Media would like to present some analysis of the data. Apply the data and the analysis to your specific situation to see how you stand and if you need a better plan.

Analysis: In another study, this number was pegged at $273 per hour on average. What we understand from this data is that a small business owner’s best use of that hour is spent running day-to-day operations. That is how they deliver value to their customers. Start using some of the time you have to tell Small Biz Media what your goals are and allow us to create a custom plan.
Analysis: First, don’t waste the time you do have on social media. There is no return on investment there. Apart from public relations, the other items are the services list of Small Biz Media. If you find Internet marketing difficult and time consuming, so do your fellow small business owners. Do yourself and your business a favor by partnering with a professional that can not only take a lot of the hassle and difficulty out of the equation for you, but do it at a very affordable price.
Analysis: For the 13% of you that are spending zero hours marketing your company, please reconsider your decision. You may think word of mouth is all you need but the other 87% (your competition) is outworking you every day. You will feel the negative effects of not marketing sooner or later.The largest group with 30% is the 1-4 hours per week group. That is also the most frequent range of our clients. So, think about it. If you can devote only 1-4 hours to marketing your company in any given week, shouldn’t it be doing the most efficient tasks possible?

Unless you are a marketing pro, the most efficient and effective way to spend a small amount of time is by conferring with a company like Small Biz Media. Give your marketing partner the general view and turn them loose!

Analysis: Two thirds of the time your marketing time turns into handling other items that need your immediate attention. We call that “putting out fires” and it is just part of running your own business. So those planned 1-4 hours that we talked about above often turn into zero hours in reality. Not to keep beating this drum but if the reality is that most small business owners struggle to find time to actually manage a marketing strategy; shouldn’t they get some affordable help?Small Biz Media is in business for exactly this reason. Don’t feel bad about not devoting enough time to an Internet marketing strategy. The solution is simple and more affordable than you might think. You should contact us today and find out about the options you have.

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