First off, let’s get our terms straight

  • Content, for the purposes of web design, is the graphics, photos, text and other objects that appear on the pages of your website.
  • Content marketing is using compelling content to attractengage, and convert an audience for the purpose of making them a customer of your business.

How about a quick example

The Jones & Smith law firm has a bio page on their website with pictures of all the attorneys and a short write-up for each.

John graduated with honors from law school at Capricorn University. He started at our firm 11 years ago, and fills a vital role at Jones & Smith handling our accident and disability cases. I knew I had to be an attorney in high school because I felt it was my way to help my neighbors and community”.

John used this burning desire to graduate from Capricorn University with honors. Shortly thereafter, Jones & Smith was fortunate to land such a passionate attorney.

He has been representing accident and disability victims for years because as John puts it, “These families are in crisis because of an accident or disability, and it is my calling to help.”

If a person that needed the services of this kind of lawyer reached the website of Jones & Smith, which bio do you think might convert this visitor to a customer? It is the same lawyer, same facts, and same credentials.

The one on the left is fine. It tell the facts.  That is content.

However, the one on the right does the job of attractengage, and convert much better. You want John on your case. You need John on your case. That is content marketing.

Here is another example, just a bit different

Let’s say you are a tradesman in the service industry like a plumber, dentist, or electrician. You could proudly state on your website, “In business since 2002.” What you are probably trying to say is that you have years of experience in your chosen field and people should spend money with you because of that fact. That is content.

Content marketing would express your experience and knowledge in a much different way. Here is just a sampling of how Small Biz Media might employ content marketing to attractengage, and convert.

  • A video of the steps taken to install a new water heater. –Plumber
  • An article, or a few articles, on your website containing instructions on caring for new braces, helping your child not be afraid of a visit to the dentist, or your professional opinions on electric toothbrushes. –Dentist
  • Tips on electrical safety, a step-by-step on how to use a circuit tester, a fact sheet on the benefits of backup generator. –Electrician

Okay Small Biz Media, you talk about strategy all the time. Tell me how this might fit.

Imagine that Small Biz Media has applied this kind of consideration and planning not to just one area, but to your entire site! Even better, when we run an email campaign it will funnel visitors back to this terrific site. When we are managing your business listings, those potential customers will also click-through to your content marketing enabled website.

This “layering” is part of an overall marketing strategy that Small Biz Media can help you develop. You can make your website and other marketing efforts work, but you have to have a plan.