Small Biz Media is focused on serving the small business community in Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee.

Why limit the focus?

  • Small business usually does not have the resources, (like time, money or staff), to devote to full-time web design and marketing.
    • It takes all of your time and energy to run the day-to-day operations of your business. Let Small Biz Media help with web design and marketing on an as needed, or ongoing basis.
  • Because of their limited budget, small businesses do not have the options that are available to large companies.
    • It’s a (digital) jungle out there. You can either wing it with a DIY adventure or pay big bucks to a firm out of our area. Or, contact Small Biz Media where the products and services are fast, affordable, and local.
  • Firms of all sizes have more choices and access in large metro areas of the country.
    • Small Biz Media wants to deliver some of that flexibility to our area. Should we have inferior services because of our geography? No way!
  • Small Biz Media is a small business too.
    • We’re sensitive to the needs of small business people because we strive every day to make our company successful just like you.
  • Support local business
    • You need local buyers and vendors to make your business work. You ask for local support. Don’t you want to support local small business as well? A stronger small business environment in our area helps businesses and citizens alike. If your business is better because your website and marketing are better, it will grow. If it grows, perhaps you can hire more people. If more people can get jobs here, they stay here and spend their money here. Round and round it goes and helps us all.