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Small Biz Media can assist you in specific areas of your small business marketing effort as well as create an overall digital marketing plan. Read about our products and services below then contact us today to get started!

content_marketingContent marketing

What is content marketing, why is it important and why should I care?

The folks over at the Content Marketing Institute sum it up like this…

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

More to the point, it is relying on and leveraging your experience and expertise in your line of business to market what makes you stand out from the rest of your competition. This is typically done with blogs, articles, videos, how-to’s, etc. Any way to communicate to your customers that you are a subject matter expert and that they will benefit from doing business with you because of it. Talk with Small Biz Media to understand how this can be a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy.

emailEmail campaigns

According to the Direct Marketing Association, for every $1 invested in email marketing, the return is $40. Is any of your other marketing devices doing that well? Small Biz Media can talk to you about how an email campaign can be integrated into the way you reach out to and serve your customers. We’ll make it much easier than you think.

web_scoring Website scoring

Small Biz Media has developed a process to quantify five fundamental characteristics of what makes a great website. It’s a service we can do for your website so you’ll know exactly where your site needs work and why. If you are not sure on all the design, functionality, usability, content and navigation details of web design, let us score your site and send you the report. After that, Small Biz Media can partner with you to make your website the polished and professional enhancement to your brand that you deserve.

business_listingsBusiness listings

Many business owners are unaware that even though they did not post it, information about their business like name, address, phone number and website address is spread across the Internet. When a local search is done, directories like YellowPages, Foursquare, Google, Yelp and many more show the results. It is crucial that this information for your business be both correct and ranked as well as possible. Small Biz Media can help your business ensure that you are not losing customers because of incorrect local business listings.

  • Your business listings can help your business get on or near the first page of Google results
  • Protect your business by claiming and locking your listings
  • Business listings help your website SEO by providing backlinks
  • Help mobile users find your business
  • … much more!

thumbs_up Online review monitoring

The reputation of your small business can be a great tool helping to spur growth, or a thorn in your side turning potential customers away before you even get a chance. Reading an online review of a company influences the buying decision of 9 out of 10 customers. Small Biz Media has tools that will allow us to monitor the Internet for reviews of your business. We can alert you when necessary so you can respond quickly to a negative review, or reap the benefits of a positive one.

gearsWebsite design

All website design is NOT created equal. Small Biz Media focuses on small business and designs websites with your profitability and brand awareness in mind. We are particular about design but we don’t care much for flash and fads. We care about cash and customers. Small Biz Media is serious about your business.

TON_thumbnail Recent project: Town of Nickelsville

At Small Biz Media we are focused on small business. We’ve also said we want to serve our region specifically. SBM was thrilled to be able to carry that out by completely redesigning and branding the town of Nickelsville in Scott County, Virginia. In addition to the website, the logo, colors, and slogan were all designed by SBM in a branding makeover. We can do the same for your small business.

THA_thumbnail Recent project: Tom Hilton Auctioneers

Tom Hilton Auctioneers needed a website that fast, easy to navigate, and friendly to mobile users. Small Biz Media delivered on all points with a modern design that performs well on devices of all kinds.

We’ll let the client speak for the results… “Small Biz Media is a company that is definitely quick and professional on all levels. They had our website design completed and ready for review within a week. The beta site was way more professional than the site that we had up originally at Tom Hilton Auctioneers. Now the site is by far one of the most user friendly sites that I have ever been on.” – D. Mays

southern_breeze Recent project: Southern Breeze Heating and Cooling

Southern Breeze Heating and Cooling provides fast service and great prices. They needed a website with content that connected with customers. Getting found in the search results was another top priority. Small Biz Media delivered on both counts. If you need a fresh new website that represents your Southwest Virginia or East Tennessee small business, get in touch with us today!

TeresaMullinsProject Recent project: Teresa Mullins, Author

Local author and speaker Teresa Mullins released a great new book aimed at revolutionizing the way job coaching is done in rural areas. She travels to various locations speaking on this and other topics within her industry. Teresa contacted Small Biz Media about getting a robust author website with extra functionality like an events calendar, PayPal processing, and more. We delivered everything she was hoping for. Take a look for yourself. No matter your specific needs, Small Biz Media can work with you to get just the right website for your business or organization.

bundleSupport and service bundles

Small Biz Media service does not stop after the project is finished! We have multiple options for ongoing support that allows us to customize a plan according to your needs.

  • Website Support Program (WSP)
    • Small Biz Media will take the monthly editing and maintenance burden from you. If ongoing, continuous service is what you need, then our Website Support Program (WSP) is for you. For one low monthly fee, we will assume all maintenance and editing chores, as well as keep a close eye on your SEO. You can simply email us your changes and they will be implemented in short order. WSP clients enjoy front-of-the-line priority support as well as deep discounts on other selected products and services. This option includes the lowest hourly billing rate for support.
  • Block purchase support
    • Our block purchase offering allows clients to add support hours to their account in the form of a 10 hour “block.” These hours can be used whenever the need arises. When these hours are exhausted, another block can be purchased. Block purchase clients are prioritized in front of General support requests, but behind WSP clients. As a block purchase client, you will also receive discounts on the same selected products and services as WSP clients, although the discount will not be as significant. The hourly billing rate for block purchase comes in between WSP, which is a bit lower, and General support, which is a bit higher.
  • General support
    • Small Biz Media offers support to its clients that do not choose either of the above options on a per event basis. General support requests are prioritized behind both WSP and block purchase support requests. The hourly billing rate is also highest for this type of support.
  • Service bundles
    • We offer several products and services at Small Biz Media. You may be able to save money by combining two or more of our offerings. The specific items that are available to be bundled at any given time vary, so be sure to ask if there are any current opportunities to bundle and save.

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