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Google is switching to a mobile first index

Google makes changes to how they search for, store, and rank webpage content on a fairly regular basis. This is one of the top reasons why website owners who are concerned with their web page raking (SEO), are never finished working

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Small business goals for 2017

Take a look back Another twelve months have gone by and we can’t do anything about what transpired except learn from our experiences. But, are we learning? Or, did the last year rush by while we, as small business owners, were busy

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Choosing a web hosting company

One often overlooked, or less considered, item when thinking about your small business website is who should provide web hosting services. What is a web host? Let’s first quickly discuss what web hosting is and the role it plays in your

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Do You Have Time To Market?

Small business portal, Manta, conducted a survey of almost 2,100 small business owners on the topic of spending time marketing their business. Small Biz Media would like to present some analysis of the data. Apply the data and the analysis to

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5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work For Small Business

Small Biz Media does not offer any form of social media marketing in our services list. That may seem like a glaring oversight for an Internet marketing company, but it is by design, not oversight. Our clients, both current and

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Responding to online reviews

To respond or not to respond; that is the question. When considering online reviews of your company, Small Biz Media advocates a policy of careful response to our small business clients. Responses, when done correctly, can provide another marketing opportunity as

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